Our mission is to enable children with special neurologic and emotional needs to reach their full potential through our therapeutic and educational program, complemented by outreach and training, assessment, and community consultations.




Each year we invite new children ages 3-12 and families to our school. These children have significant neurologic, psychiatric and educational challenges. Our mission is to help them achieve success.  How do we determine success? Success may be having a goal and working towards it. Success may be developing a friendship when isolation was all too prevalent. Success for a child might be learning to read for the first time at an age far later than most children. Or success may be to no longer be terrified of failure or terrified of life.  In some circumstances success may be achieving self-control.  For a family success may be seeing the child making steps in autonomy and independence and regaining the developmental direction towards self sufficiency or finding a way for the child to join or rejoin the family. Whatever the orientation toward success, we do this one child at a time. Success for our community is that the individual child becomes a productive and in some cases an exemplary member of society.

 At CTDS education becomes the understanding of ability and possibility and education becomes the connection of learning and doing. At CTDS reverence is paid to the children and families and the deeper curriculum of compassion and tenderness, wisdom and curiosity. Uniqueness, passion and skills are encouraged and nurtured.  This is a place of giving and receiving. 

Our buildings are a metaphor for caring, safety, love and understanding: A place where, through relationship, there is a promise for change; a place that welcomes and recognizes the human condition; a place of questioning, curiosity, understanding and devotion.

 In addition to our core school program we provide services to the community including Diagnostic Consultations, Neuropsychological Evaluations, Sibling Groups and School Consultations as well as individual therapy and child guidance.

We look forward to sharing more with you.
Nancy Fuller
Executive Director/President


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