About the Property

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The Community Therapeutic Day School is located on a 4-acre former dairy farm. The property is graced with nature paths, perennial and vegetable gardens, and a large playground. A classroom, historic barn, administration building as well as a self-sustaining multi-purpose solar space, comprise the buildings that invite therapeutic and educational opportunities.

The property is the former “Parker Homestead”, home of John Parker, captain of the Lexington Minutemen during the Revolutionary War, and his grandson Theodore Parker, a renowned abolitionist transcendentalist. We are honored to be stewards of this historic landmark.


The Barn

CTDS renovated the 1860’s Barn in 1997. The Barn was part of the original dairy farm that operated up through the 1950’s.

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West House

CTDS built the West House in 2015. It is a self-sustaining building which houses 60 solar panels. This building carries the electricity for all of the buildings. It sits next to our historic barn and is a vision to the future.

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Classroom & Administration Building

CTDS moved to the property in 1986. The classroom building, seen on the left, was built in 1987. We renovated the administrative building, pictured right, in 1980 and updated the handicapped accessibility to what it is today.


The Changing Landscape