Family Support

At our school we support the whole child and recognize that family involvement is an integral part of a child’s program. We understand that families with a special needs child benefits from support on both an emotional and practical level. The school offers guidance to parents, and CTDS values the reciprocal relationship between the child’s family and the school staff. Families become an integral component as participants in the child’s treatment program and our staff relies heavily on input from parents. CTDS also understands that disabilities can present a strain on the family system. The staff lend their expertise and provide guidance and support. Parents feel less isolated as a result of work with the child’s therapeutic teacher, involvement in individual and couple therapy, participation in the provided groups below, and friendships with other CTDS families. The availability of classroom teachers, the daily communication book and weekly parent-teacher phone conferences facilitate communication between the home and school.


Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Community Therapeutic Day School invites parents of currently enrolled students and alumni parents to attend and participate in its Parent Advisory Council. This is a forum for parents to express their concerns, questions and opinions on matters pertaining to the education, health and safety of the students in the program. The Parent Advisory Council will meet four times per academic year and members of the group will be notified well in advance of upcoming meetings. There will be a designated parent coordinator. An administrative staff person will attend the PAC meetings to provide support to the parents.

PAC MISSION STATEMENT: The CTDS-PAC shall advise the school on issues pertaining to the education, health and safety of the students. The CTDS-PAC will help with strengthening community building among families & school staff.

Parent Group

Led by | Michelle Traverse & Bridget Glenshaw

Parent Group is a weekly support group that is open to all parents who have a child enrolled with us. This group is a place to ask questions, share information, and get support from other parents in a supportive, collaborative, compassionate and confidential venue. Parents may come as often or as little as schedules allow. All are welcome!

Fathers’ Group

Led by | John Glenshaw

Fathers’ Group is held once or twice per school year at CTDS over the course of 4-6 weeks. This group is an opportunity for the fathers of our students to discuss their experiences of both being a father in general and being the father of a child at CTDS in particular. The group is also an opportunity to discuss the school’s approach to caring for their child to build awareness and connection to the process. The groups follows a topic-driven format which the group works out at the beginning of a given session.

Grandparent Group

Led by | Bridget Glenshaw & Michelle Traverse

This is a support group for grandparents of children at CTDS who are interested in learning more about the school and in participating in a friendly, open format to discuss the joys and challenges of being a grandparent of a child with special talents and special needs. The group focuses on the child’s strengths and aims to foster each grandparent’s love and compassion.

Sibling Group

Led by | Olivia von Ferstel & Bridget Glenshaw

Sibling Group provides a safe and supportive setting where siblings of CTDS students can share the extraordinary experience of having a brother or sister with special needs. The group utilizes the expressive arts to explore themes inherent in the sibling relationship. The group shines a spotlight of attention and positivity on the sibling, reinforcing their resilience and unique capabilities.

While this group is for siblings of currently enrolled students at our school, due to interest from families and related professionals outside of CTDS, we have expanded this popular group beyond the day school program. For more information on our Community Sibling Group click here.


"As a result of being embraced by such a caring, compassionate and wonderful group of people at CTDS we have been able to see what is truly important in our life. Now, when we question what life holds for us, we have discovered through the friendships that we have made here that all we have to do is ask ourselves these simple questions: “Are we safe? Are we loved?" and “Do we have choices?” Because of the acceptance of the people here, I know that I can answer ‘yes’ to those questions, and therefore consider my family blessed.” — Deb Lagasse, Alumni Parent

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