2018-2019 Art Show 

"Beyond Words"

Part of being an artist is communicating with your community. The greatest gift in life could be making a connection with another human being that is beyond words. This display creates a framework for that process. Often individuals are highly distracted, separate, and silent.  Group art restores peers to their senses. That’s the art. The product is exploration and self-esteem. The audience is here, exposed to that experience. Look for the vibrant integration. Picture thirty-one students creatively focused one communal task. This is the essence of Big Art at CTDS. These are but three of these collaborations. The first was inspired by artist Louise Nevelson’s found object boxes.  Our assemblages use wood bits to build our neighborhoods.  The second taps the flow of transferred floating designs through marbleized paper. The third is the alphabet abstracted; a reversal to decoding the code yet a common conundrum for learners.  All elements of the everyday reimagined and reconstituted fro this gallery gathering. Contribute your vantage point and please embrace this chatty collective community art.